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Can we trade at night and on weekends?

Can we trade at night and on weekends?

Online trading has more and more enthusiasts. However, all traders, amateurs or professionals are not necessarily available at the same time as the main financial centres, traditionally between 9am and 5pm.

By trading Forex and other financial market derivatives, it is possible to trade with much more flexible schedules, such as evenings and weekends, and under certain conditions. These are practices that are increasingly sought after because of their flexibility.

Trading Forex in the evening or at night has many advantages. First of all, this is particularly suitable for people who trade as a secondary profession and have a job at fixed hours during the day. For example, a trader living in the UK can invest in Forex markets after a day’s work and be well aligned with the US stock market. Between 5pm and 10pm, what we consider evening trading, it is possible to act freely and create trading strategies, without necessarily taking time parameters into account. Traders can choose their pairs as they see fit, while of course paying attention to potential events that may impact the currency market. According to some, trading Forex during the night is even better than in the evening, because it favours freedom of movement above all.

Trading Forex on the weekend

Many online brokers do not work on the weekend. In the absence of market volatility, it seems unattractive to remain open at this time. The most experienced traders are actually careful to close their positions during the weekend. But while some use the weekend to rest, others practice swing trading. They remain connected during the weekend to be aware of occurring news and may or may not continue to speculate. For them, these two days are an opportunity to grow their investments.

However, some online brokers choose to remain open during the weekend. This is the case of IG which offers another type of trading during the weekend. For this broker, the FTSE 100 - Weekend, Germany 30 - Weekend and Wall Street - Weekend are available from 5am on Saturdays to 11:40pm on Sundays. This index market differs from the one that operates during the week but allows traders who are only free during the weekend to invest and speculate, without affecting positions taken during the week. Another possibility to continue trading outside trading hours is to focus on cryptocurrency trading. Some brokers indeed offer to invest in crypto currencies during the weekend.

Finally, weekends and evenings can be useful in analysing financial markets, re-examining positions and trading strategies, learning about new topics and thus be operational as soon as markets recover.

A time of respite can indeed be very useful to follow up on one’s investments, free of haste or adrenaline, and take the necessary time to be well prepared.

Last Update on 13/11/18

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