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Forex Trading Competition IronFX Monaco Super Race

Forex Trading Competition IronFX Monaco Super Race

Global Online Trading leader IronFX, based in Limassol, Cyprus is proud to announce its latest forex trading competition, the IronFX Monaco Super Race. This year’s third edition of the event is the biggest and most exciting of IronFX live trading competitions to date. It is running for 90 days from Jan 2, to March 31, 2015, with a total of 90 rounds. Registration is open throughout the competition and requires a minimum deposit of 500US$ into a new live account. Existing customer have the possibility to open a separate contest account through their personal client area. Only one registration is necessary for the opportunity to compete 90 exhilarating days long in all 90 rounds. Once in the race, “drivers” will be asked to chose one out of three world famous racing cars, each representing one teams. For the duration of the contest trading is done as a member of this team. The goal of course is to cross the finishing line as the leader, where 120 cash prizes await the winner and the 119 runners-up in this unique event.

The winner will take away a $100,000 cash prize plus two VIP tickets to the Grand Prix of Monaco from 21st – 24th May, 2015. Instead of the $100,000 cash price the winner can also chose for a $150,000 STP/ECN account.

The winner and his or her companion will experience the Grand Prix from one of the most special seats on offer: onboard the IronFX Superyacht, moored in the Monte Carlo harbor at Quai des Etats Unis, immediately next to and with prime views of the circuit of Monaco.

The goal of each participant is of course to win the race and the traders making the biggest profits will take home one of the remaining 119 prizes. Both the best- performing traders from each team and the best overall ranked players will be eligible for these prizes. For the overall winners, this prize will be $5,000 for ranks 2 to 5, $1,000 for ranks 6 to 10, and $500 to rank 30. For players, who have also been successful with their teams, the prize will be supplemented with $200 for ranks 1 to 30 of the wining team, $100 for the team coming in 2nd and $50 for the team ranked 3rd. Prizes can be withdrawn or traded, according to the options given by IronFX. Results will be made public within 30 days after the closing date on March 31st.

With this competition IronFx is continuing its tradition of hosting the world’s largest trading competitions in forex in addition to offering the biggest prizes. With the competition now in its third year, Iron FX is again proving its determination and commitment to offer its clients from all possible backgrounds the best, most imaginative, and most exclusive opportunities in the forex industry.

Please note, that Forex trading accounts with IronFX cannot be opened by individuals less then 18 years of age. It also needs to be stated, that forex trading involves a high level of risk and may therefore not be suitable to all investors.

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