Grand Option contest - $50,000 prize money

Grand Option contest - $50,000 prize money

Grand Option is a website specialising in binary option trading. Inscription in the Grand Option contest is free and automatic for every client with an existing account on the site. The winner is the trader who trades the most during the contest and will win $50,000 cash! Other traders up to fifth place will also be rewarded with cash prize: 10,000$ for the runner-up, 5,000$ for third place, 2,500$ for fourth place and 1,000$ for fifth. 6th-10th places will also be rewarded with 500$ each.  

The current contest started on 1st November 2015 and finishes at the end of the month, on Friday 30th November. The winners of the contest will be decided according to the amount they have traded. For a trade transaction to be valid for the contest, the amount invested must be minimum 100$. To follow the contest, you can watch the rankings online each day, or look for a trader’s nickname in the general ranking, available on the site.

Grand Option regularly offers contests to traders with an account and bonuses linked with online binary options trading. The site also offers many marketable assets, each day: Forex, commodities, stock, global indices such as the S&P, the Dow Jones and the DAX.  All of these are available on the binary options trading platform. These binary options are currently the most profitable tool on the financial market.

Thanks to Grand Option’s smartphone app, traders are free to trade when it suits them. They can also train to get the best results possible. And GO’s high-speed transaction times make it possible for traders to make large profits in a short amount of time.

The current contest, pitting the best Grand Option traders against each other, is yet another way to make maximum profit, with a $10,000 cash reward for the winner. To enter, simply open an account on the site and do as much profitable trading as possible!

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