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ETF Trading with eToro

ETF Trading with eToro

Thanks to online trading platform eToro, the best traders have now access to the trading of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). 

EToro thus diversifies its portfolio by providing its users with 30 new ETFs. It is possible to carry out online transactions on new Italian, Spanish or even Japanese shares, whether they be from public or private sector companies, from industry or services. Examples of these ETFs are QQQ, IWM and DIA that respectively track the NASDAQ, the Russell 2000 and the Dow Jones industrial indices.

The provision of ETF trading is a real turning point for eToro. It allows the users of the online trading platform to diversify into a new market. It also offers the users the possibility to establish long term strategies, to invest in a wide range of products and thus to take advantage of emerging markets. Thanks to eToro, traders are also able to set up group strategies, to share their knowledge of the financial markets and to be rewarded for their portfolio strategy. It is a true collaborative platform of online trading that now offers extended services with access to new markets and thus to new opportunities.

Today, eToro has over 4,500,000 registered users who can take full advantage of all the services offered, by the platform, including the trading of 30 new international ETFs. Other features will be included in 2016 to offer users even more choice and opportunities for eToro users.

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Last Update on 30/11/17

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