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ActivTrader: ActivTrades' newest trading platform

ActivTrader: ActivTrades' newest trading platform

Online broker ActivTrades recently revealed ActivTrader, its new, innovative advanced trading platform and the result of masses of CFD trading expertise and a great deal of researching into cutting-edge technology. ActivTrades wanted to offer clients an intuitive interface that would enable them to trade with speed and flexibility within a high-tech environment. The trading experience on ActivTrader is sophisticated and streamlined.

ActivTrader platform provides a range of advanced features, tailored for users with varying degrees of experience in the financial markets.

ActivTrader- new features

One of the headline features of ActivTrader is “Market Sentiment” which provides a real-time indication of the market direction. Another is one click trading allowing the placement of orders (to market or pending) directly from the charts. In addition, the “Net All” feature allows users to react to price actions and technical signals by quickly aggregating open positions on the same instrument. Another new feature is “Trailing Stop” which enables users to set stops at various, pre-established levels directly on the ActivTrades server using the web, tablet or mobile versions. Traders using the new platform will no longer need to monitor the markets continually as the order operates automatically. ActivTrader also offers a “Buy Again” feature, which quickly replicates previously-executed orders as well as price variations measured in percentages, pips and other metrics.

The user experience is championed by multi-chart tabs. Users can even make aesthetic adjustments to the new platform with two new and avant-garde graphic designs tailored for day and night usage.

You can try out the new ActivTrader tool with a free 30-day trial.

ActivTrader, a new string to the ActivTrades bow

Commenting on the launch, Alex Pusco, CEO, ActivTrades, said,

"ActivTrader is our own property, and has been built to accommodate our present and future needs. And much like ActivTrades itself, it is versatile, fast, and open to change."

Established in 2001, ActivTrades quickly cemented its reputation as a leading financial broker. The website aims to empower a new generation of traders to access ambitious opportunities in the financial markets, namely in Forex, CFDs and Spread Betting. Its brokerage service is very competitive and diverse, adapting to the needs of each individual trader. ActivTrades is recognized for outstanding customer service and the wealth of resources it makes available so traders can negotiate their positions in the best trading environment possible.

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Last Update on 22/02/19

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