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Ironfx Cash Rebate Offer

Ironfx Cash Rebate Offer

In an effort to continue to cultivate customer loyalty, IronFx Global has committed itself to offering a cash rebate offer on trading lots for all its clients. It is possible for you to receive up to 3 USD cash rebate offer on all the lots that you trade with IronFx.  A trader who has registered a cash rebate account with IronFx will be able to access a wide range of commodities and financial instruments to trade in.

While it is important to note that trading in leveraged financial instruments is very risky, the cash rebate offer gives you the chance to trade using less money while still retaining the full earning potential of all your capital, even if you are not using all of it at the same time.

Round Turn Lot Traded CashBack Reward
From 1 lot – 199 lots USD 2.0 per lot
From 200 lots – 499 lots USD 2.5 per lot
Over 500 lots* USD 3.0 per lot*

The cash rebate offer runs for only one calendar month from the time that a trader sets up an account with IronFx global and credits their account with some money. However, IronFx global can pull the promotional program anytime from its site. As such, the rebate might run from the time that you credit your account to the time that the site removes the promotional offer.

The rebate bonus is not applicable on STP/ECN accounts and for you to be eligible to get the bonus, you must keep your account operational for a month, at the very least. The rebate offer is only valid for one account per user, and once the promotional period for your account is over, the site will calculate the rebates on all your trades and credit your account with the money.

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Last Update on 30/08/19

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