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IronFX Deposit and Trade Program

IronFX Deposit and Trade Program

Businesses that value and reward loyal customers usually end up getting more and more repeat business as time goes on. Rewarding loyal customers should be an integral part of any business, and this is probably why IronFx has put in place a deposit and trade program that rewards consistent clients with a free iPad Air or a free iPhone 5S.

However, there is a list of criteria that a client has to meet in order to be eligible to win the free iPad Air or iPhone 5S. The deposit program started on the first of January and will terminate on the last day of December, 2014. This means that there is only a limited amount of time to take advantage of the free goodies offered in the deposit and trade program.

An example of some of the criterion that you will be required to meet in order to qualify for the deposit and trade program is the fact that you will be required to have made an initial deposit of at least ten thousand dollars (or its equivalent in other currencies) within the promotion period.

You will also need to have completed the minimum round turn lot traded within one calendar month after you have made your initial deposit (of 10000 USD or more). For the range of 10000-24999 USD, you will need to have completed at least 250 round trades so as to be eligible. Only closed trades will be considered in establishing whether you have qualified to receive a free iPad Air or a free iPhone 5S.

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