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ActivTrades webinars Summer and Autumn program

ActivTrades webinars Summer and Autumn program

ActivTrades is an independent brokerage company, specialisingin Forex trading, CFDs and Spread Betting. It offers a wide range of products and powerful platforms, recognisedworldwide. It has been established in the financial sector since 2001 and has developed a series of educational tools that are available on a day-to-day basis to its clients.

Among these tools, the offer of free webinar places for everyone is available to refresh or extend the user's knowledge on specific topics related to financial markets.

As of July 2015, ActivTrades is making a number of these online seminars available which closely monitor current financial news.

The primary topic being discussed at present is inevitably the Greek crisis and its impact on global financial markets.  Under the title "Greece: Causes, Challenges and Opportunities", speakers David Furcajg and Pierre Veyret address different aspects of the crisis.  Registration is free to access this online training.  This first webinar of July will be followed by a series of others that will address topics as diverse as pending orders, trading account analysis, and even the use of trading history and Fibonacci ratios .

Registration for these webinars is available online at ActivTrades' website. For those who cannot attend live webinars, the feeds remain available on the ActivTrades platform and can be accessed after the broadcast.

Webinars are among a range of training tools made available by ActivTrades for its customers.  The company also organises seminars and offers individual coaching for those wishing to improve their trading performance online.  All these services are run by expert trading professionals.  Exclusive trading tools have also been developed so that each customer can find the means and information necessary to produce the most successful operational performance possible.

ActivTrades is different from other online trading companies, primarily because of the importance it places on customer service through personalised support and is available at any time, i.e. 24/7.  The webinars made available by ActivTrades guarantee users the best possible understanding of financial markets.  Don't forget to register online to participate in the live webinars offered in July, August and September.

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Last Update on 02/05/18

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