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Welcome bonus offered by IronFX

Welcome bonus offered by IronFX

IronFX is a leading company in online trading.  During the month of June it made available to all new customers a very advantageous offer: The Double Bonus.

Here are the details!

This is a bonus on all deposits made by new applicants, and is available until 31 July 2015. There are two types of bonus depending on the deposit amount. For deposits up to $10,000, the user receives a 100% share bonus. For deposits up to $4000, it will be 40% power bonus.  The deposits carry low charges, and each deposit is rewarded with a bonus. This exclusive offer represents a real benefit for new traders who register online on Ironfx platform. Other advantages are also accessible after going through the registration process and being approved.

IronFX is recognised as one of the leading online trading companies. The company operates on six continents with 29 offices worldwide. Its digital platform offers its users more than 3,000 financial tools and fifteen trading platforms, for metals, forex, stock indices, shares and numerous currencies.

IronFX also offers its users online training, webinars and seminars individually for each trader, be they enthusiastic amateur or professional, which inform, update and enhance specific topics related to financial markets. By subscribing to IronFX, you enjoy numerous market analysis tools and an efficient customer support service.

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Last Update on 30/08/19

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