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Refer-a-friend eToro offer

Refer-a-friend eToro offer

The eToro online trading platform is currently offering time-limited new-member sponsorship, providing access to its many benefits.

The sponsorship scheme allows you to introduce your friends to eToro and enable them to enjoy the service's exclusive benefits. In effect, by recommending a friend who takes up the eToro scheme, you get up to 50% bonus on your deposits as our way of saying "thank you".  You get up to $10,000 added to your account simply by introducing ten friends through sponsorship.  The mechanics of the scheme are very simple; you simply login to your account and fill in ten email addresses of people you know, and who might be interested in the eToro offer.  If, as a result of your invitation, one or more of these people become part of the eToro scheme, you will receive a special deposit bonus of up to $100 per new subscriber.

So why should you recommend eToro to your friends?  eToro is an efficient online trading platform, but offers a number of different features compared to other platforms, because eToro also provides a social investment network connecting their traders and investors.

eToro social trading encourages exchange services with other members of the platform resulting in  the smartest possible trading operations.  All operations are seen by other members of eToro and members can, consequently, be inspired by the tactics used by other traders and investors registered with the scheme to develop best practice in ones own trading activities. 

The eToro social investment platform now has over 4 million users spread across 172 countries and this number continues to increase with access to different financial markets: currencies, commodities and indices.  The company vision is based on simplicity and transparency, ease of access to the market and transparency of transactions, which can then be replicated by other users.  By inviting friends to register on eToro, you give them access to much essential market information, the Trading Academy where they can learn and perfect their terms of trading, and also the opportunity of developing collective strategies for financial operations and transfers.

The sponsorship offer proposed by eToro is time-limited, so please register your friends now so they can join the world family of social trading under the best possible conditions and, as a sponsor, you can enjoy exclusive benefits.

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Last Update on 30/11/17

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