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XM Providing Free Webinars Five Days a Week

XM Providing Free Webinars Five Days a Week

XM is a trading name of Trading Point Holdings Ltd, a London financial services provider that offers online trading on the global financial markets. In the words of Constantinis Cleanthous, XM’s CEO: “What makes a business stand out from the rest is the ideas it has, the means it uses to achieve them, but most of all the passion for mutual success. In this respect, XM is outstanding.”

On offer are over 100 financial instruments including forex, equity indices, precious metals, and energies. Through these XM clients have direct access to the financial markets’ transparent real-time pricing, lowest spreads, and flexible leverage. One of XM’s crucial values is business efficiency, much to the appreciation of their individual and corporate clients. Speed and fairness receive absolute priority.

XM knows that success can only be achieved as a direct result of the way they serve their clients. To optimize this service XM management and staff work viribus unitis for the same purpose: their clients and their clients’ advantage. It is their declared mission to provide their customers with a superb trading environment, which offers all the necessary tools to enhance trading performance. This includes product innovation, cutting-edge trading platforms, and personalized customer service.

Their focus is on trading efficiency, because it is their conviction, that through this they derive their credibility. As traders’ demands change rapidly, it is all the more important to keep pace with the latest technologies in execution processes. XM is determined to deliver tight spreads, together with best execution in the industry, and strives to exclude any delay factors that can affect clients’ trading performance.

This commitment to their customers is also reflected in their carefully selected educational tools located in their homepage education section. An essential part of this comprehensive educational program, which also includes video tutorials and seminars, is an excellent series of free regular webinars, hosted by Tradepedia. The presenters of these webinars are highly skilled forex professionals who joined forces to provide free interactive webinars available for anyone on the globe. It is truly unique to offer this service in 12 languages with 17 international presenters 5 days a week.

According to Avramis Despotis, XM Chief Technical Strategist, XM believes  “in the value of quality forex education and in the long-term benefits it brings along. Our live webinars welcome beginner and advanced traders alike – from virtually any spot on the globe.”

The English edition, which airs every Tuesday at 17:00 EET (GMT+2) is hosted by Avramis Despotis and Marios Pashardes. The remaining topics for January are Trend Indicators (Jan 13), Momentum Indicators/Oscillators (Jan. 20) and Complex and Hidden Divergence (Jan 27). Upcoming topics include Introduction to Japanese Candlestick Patters and Support and Resistance – Part 2: Projection (Fibonacci Magic). Registration is possible through the webinars section on the XM homepage and is required for each event separately.

According to the XM business ethics, losing customer loyalty is irrevocable. They take great pride in their reputation, their people and in the quality of their services – their professionalism is XM’s biggest asset. The free educational webinar series is part of their commitment to their customers.

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Last Update on 30/11/17

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