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Come and explore the new-and-improved Forum!

Come and explore the new-and-improved Forum!

This is one upgrade we’ve all been waiting for! But it was (we hope) worth the wait! The forum has had a complete overhaul, facelift and all, and now offers new features that make it even easier to chat to and share with other forum members.

With the newly-upgraded forum, users will be able to take advantage of lots of new features and enjoy a more fun and intuitive experience.

Forum features

First and foremost, simplicity - you can now connect to the forum via Facebook and Twitter. Signing-in to the forum is therefore faster and there’s no need to create a new account especially for the forum.

It’s also even easier to write posts using emojis – simply start typing in the eyes and a comprehensive list of emojis will pop up. You can also swap between different sets of Emojis or even set up your own personal list containing the ones you use the most.



The forum also uses a badge and trophy system so members can show their reaction to posted content by, for example, showing they approve of a post. Such a system makes forum discussions more lively and enables users to show their interest in particular topics.

Each user will be awarded a badge according to his or her contribution to the forum and how other users react to that person’s posts.


This feature encourages all users to actively participate in the forum.

What’s new on the forum

Thanks to the overhaul, the forum has also welcomed some new features that make it more inviting and easier to use.

The biggest change is the lay out of the forum. Instead of a whole host of pages, it is now set out as a conversation thread. To read all the posts within a particular topic, you can use the timeline on the right of the screen. Yay! No more clicking on “next” and “back”! Just scroll up and down to see all the posts. And it’s intuitive: when you come back to the forum it will display the very spot you left the discussion, the sentence you last read, so you’ll find it far easier to see what has happened in your absence.


With the new set up, comments on blog pages now link to the forum. And when another forum member replies to you, quotes your post or mentions your @username, you’ll immediately get a notification in the top right corner of the page. You simply need to click on it to see your notifications. If you aren’t on the forum at the time, you’ll get an email summarizing all your notifications. There is also a search buttons so you can find the key words and topics you’re interested in.

Another practical feature of the new forum makes it possible to display only the most interesting and popular posts within a given topic, a great way to zip to an overview of a subject.

The new forum allows you to discuss all things trading more easily and gives you access to a community of traders you can contact for advice, to help you to strategise, to answer your questions or assuage your doubts. It really is an essential tool that will improve your experience of online trading. This brand new interface aims to enable as many traders as possible to connect and chat constructively.

Last Update on 14/03/18

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