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How to invest in cannabis using eToro CannabisCare CopyPortfolio

How to invest in cannabis using eToro CannabisCare CopyPortfolio

Since September 17, 2018, it has been possible to invest in the CannabisCare CopyPortfolio set up by online broker eToro. This is a unique CopyPortfolio investment strategy specifically developed by eToro around the legal cannabis market.

A little background: 2017 was a year of record growth for the legal cannabis industry. The most recent analytical research indicates that total economic output worldwide from legal cannabis was around the 16-billion-dollar mark, a figure that is likely to rise considerably over the coming years to hit annual growth of 34%, thanks to the spread of legalisation of cannabis used for medical purposes. Canada and the US are pioneering this growth, paving the way for European countries like the UK, Germany, Italy and France to adopt policies that are more supportive of the production and sale of marijuana. Several licensed North American firms are already experiencing global expansion…

This sector offers a real opportunity for investors wanting to capitalize on a rapidly growing market that is far from reaching its peak. How can investors take advantage of this opportunity? With eToro and its CannabisCare CopyPortfolio investment offer.

eToro’s Investment Committee has developed CannabisCare, a portfolio that includes North American stock in medical marijuana. By choosing leading stakeholders on this growing market and periodically rebalancing the CopyPortfolio, eToro enables its clients to gain exposure to this field via a diversified investment portfolio.

eToro’s CannabisCare CopyPortfolio invests in a range of different companies involved in the medical marijuana field, such as:

AbbVie which produces a marijuana-based drug called Marinol which treats the loss of appetite and weight loss associated with HIV and cancer.

GW Pharmaceuticals, which was the first company to be given approval for a cannabis-based drug with Sativex which treats multiple sclerosis.

Aurora Cannabis INC, a Canadian company which produces cannabis oils and flowers.

The portfolio spreads across these different companies, giving investors a balanced exposure to the different sectors of the industry. It includes firms which are already selling legal cannabis-based medications as well as those which are developing new treatments or legally growing marijuana plants.

Everything indicates the stage is set for rapid growth. This is a sector in the early stages of development but in which there is a huge amount of research underway. As such, the rewards, but also the risks, could be substantial.

There are minimum conditions to meet to be able to invest in eToro’s CannabisCare CopyPortfolio. The minimum initial investment is 5000 USD, and this is a long-term investment. The number of investors in this exclusive offer from eToro is limited to 1000. Moreover, certain medical marijuana companies can only be accessed for investment via eToro’s Portfolio; they cannot be accessed via the online platform.

eToro is a forerunner in the medical marijuana market. This is a sector with enormous potential for growth and the online broker has confirmed its reputation as a Pioneer on the investment market.

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Last Update on 17/10/18

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