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Commission-free share-dealing with this CFD offer from ActivTrades

Commission-free share-dealing with this CFD offer from ActivTrades

Online trading platform, ActivTrades, is offering a spectacular deal from May 1-31, 2019. During the entire month of May ActivTrades users can trade CFDs, commission-free, on over 500 shares!

During May, investors can access the world’s leading exchanges: Milan, London, Paris, Shanghai, New York…

If you haven’t already tried out the ActivTrades platform, this offer is a fabulous opportunity to do so. But the offer isn’t just for new clients; it is also open to current ActivTrades users.

It represents a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the share CFD market, even more so since equities have proven to be relatively attractive as an asset over the course of the past few weeks, in particular during quarter one of this year. Indeed, international stock markets have recently shown a major upswing of nearly 20% on the low recorded in December 2018. In the coming weeks, and with the European elections set for the end of May, the equities markets could demonstrate even more movement, hence the current offer from ActivTrades. With this exclusive offer, the platform allows traders to try out the innovative features available on the ActivTrader platform and enjoy commission-free share CFD trading.

The ActivTrader platform utilises the latest technology and advanced functionalities to create an immersive trading experience. It is possible to access the financial markets and trade over 500 CFDs : currencies, commodities, Forex, commodities, indices, options, shares and ETFs., options, actions et ETFs. One of the most exciting functionalities on ActivTrader is Trailing Stop. It is a type of Stop Loss that tracks, or ‘trails’, the current price of your open position and places your stop order when the price reaches a certain distance, in points. This functionality allows you to take greater control in the markets by mitigating risk.

Another innovative feature of the ActivTrader platform is Hedging. Hedging is a risk strategy that allows you to offset adverse price movements by investing in the same product but in another direction.

ActivTrader also boasts a feature called « Market Sentiment » : which shows the attitude of fellow traders towards a financial instrument within the market. ActivTrader analyses the « popularity » of the various instruments and indicates what strategies have been adopted by other investors.

And finally, ActivTrader provides its users with powerful real-time charts to analyse current patterns and forecast the best next move.

ActivTrader lets you trade flexibly and efficiently while customising the platform, so it becomes your greatest trading strategy ally.

Since its creation in 2001, ActivTrades has established a solid reputation for offering quality trading services. Over the years it has cemented its expertise in the financial markets, namely in Forex, CFDs and Spread Betting, and has quickly become a trusted and leading financial broker. Innovation remains at the heart of the ethos, as demonstrated by the launch of the ActivTrader platform.

The commission-free share CFD opportunity currently being promoted by ActivTrades is a great opportunity to enjoy the services offered by ActivTrader at a time when the markets are buoyant. Get in on this offer before June 30!

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Last Update on 20/05/19

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