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Discover the XTB xStation mobile application

Discover the XTB xStation mobile application

Famous online broker XTB is launching its mobile application xStation in order to be able to stay connected and optimise its online trading at all times. Investors thus have access to equity and ETF trading on the main world stock exchanges.

This mobile trading platform has many advantages for all traders who use XTB on a regular basis.

The application is extremely easy to use. Its design is very intuitive but remains sober enough to only highlight essential information. Charts are available horizontally for better readability and accurately track all market movements in real time. The application can display different types of charts, more than 10 indicators, as well as technical analyses and drawing tools.

To stay connected, push notifications can be set up to keep you abreast of the latest news in real time. Price alerts are also available. Notifications are sent in real time when the market reaches pre-defined price levels.

Risk management remains under control. Stop and Limit features can be set up when placing an order and can then be controlled directly on the xStation application. The built-in calculator is a transparency tool for XTB clients as it instantly provides data such as pip value, margins as well as investor risk exposure.

To actively follow the markets’ evolution, it is possible to consult the positions of other XTB clients via the xStation application, which allows you to know the market sentiment. xStation adapts to individual needs, filtering assets or configuring their own to focus only on the information that is most essential to making good trades.

An economic calendar is also included in the xStation app which allows investors to discover and keep in mind key macroeconomic events daily, weekly or monthly.

With the xStation application, customers can manage their funds directly, allowing safe deposits and withdrawals.

xStation is regularly updated in order to offer new tools and new features and to best meet the demands and expectations of XTB customers. The app has won several awards for its quality.

As a reminder, XTB is one of the world leaders in the field of online trading with a presence in ten countries and over 170,000 clients. It is regulated by major international supervisory authorities.

XTB offers many services to make trading more accessible: free demo accounts and XTB Academy for continuous training on online investing.

The xStation application is an additional tool made available to XTB clients to enable them to trade even more efficiently, without losing any trading opportunities. So far, the application has been able to adapt to its users’ needs in order to be efficient while remaining easy to use.

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Last Update on 08/09/20

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